Under the slogan "ordinary or the naughty,"
we pursue “The harmony and balance of the two-sided elements” in our daily lives.

We all want to be able to live our lives independently and wisely through the double-sided nature of fashion:
function and beauty, our daily lives and deviation, our social self and personal self, human reasoning and sensibility,
black and white.
We love balance and harmony that is not in any one of the two extremes.


Ordinauty’s product is intended to be a product that
“Gives people the motivation and the habit of making life independent, without exceeding people” through its balance of function and appearance.

We think “Structure” and “Practicality", which allow them to function properly in their daily lives as a tool. Our product observe, address, and increase efficiency in context and
‘Remove” unnecessary over-skill.

And this structure, utility and subtraction, is designed to work in harmony with the various elements of the user's daily life.


We don't think that the most expensive materials and the best accessories are “Good quality products”.

A product that fits and shines in the user's everyday life.
Products that can reveal something about you as you use them for a longer period of time. A product that can honestly tell the story of the
product rather than simply its features.
That is what Ordinauty thinks ‘Good quality product’.

Based on this belief, we use materials and accessories that take into account context and background. We make products that are durable and
reliable through the know-how and skills of patterners, tailor, and craftsmen with over 30 years of experience.